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Name:Liz Who?
Birthdate:Oct 20
I draw awesome shit. NO REGRETS.

Friending Policy:

Feel free to friend me. If I don't friend you back, don't feel slighted. 99% of this journal is public, including the art, so you're not really missing much by not being a mutual friend.

Art Usage:

Generally, I don't like my artwork being posted elsewhere. If you want to use an image for any purpose (aside from passing it off as your own art), please notify me and ask for permission first. Be sure to offer credit as well, and a link back to the original post (or comment) where the art first appeared.

Prompts, Commissions, Art Trades:

Commissions: I don't take them. Sorry! It's actually a really stupid reason why, too....But that's for neither here nor there.

Art Trades: I'll be glad to do an art trade or draw art in exchange for fic or icons or whatever you're good at.

Prompts: I do them occasionally. If I can't fulfill your prompt or ask you to choose something else, please don't feel offended.

Art Materials

- WACOM Graphire pen tablet
- Photoshop CS3
- COPIC markers
- watercolors
- pencils
- ink (pens and brushed)
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