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Oh, hey, btw, here's this unfinished Supernatural fic to what would have been a really awesome sci-fi AU about Sam being a full-body replacement cyborg. I started it last summer and just never completed it because my professional life started getting more demanding and my personal life fell apart spectacularly, killing most of my creative drive.

I might return to the universe because I'm quite taken with the prospect of writing a buddy cop fic where Dean teaches Castiel how to be more human (or at least gets him to stop referring to himself in first-person plural).

Title: Our Bodies Fly Apart
Fandom: Supernatural
Genre: science fiction au, gen
Characters/Pairings: Sam & Dean, Sam/Jess
Warnings: bad skience, lots of talking around bad skience, a crash course understanding of phantom limb and how it might feel when it's your entire body that's gone, LOTS OF BAD SKIENCE GUYS, Dean Winchester and his emotional immaturity, minor character death.

Summary: Sam's body is destroyed but his mind lives on. As a cyborg, he's learning to adjust to a new reality and a new life.
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It's been a while since I updated or written anything that wasn't a status update or commentary on a tumblr reblog.

Um, where to start....

A whole lot of stuff about stuff and other things )

Aside from the bits that sucked, I have fallen into Marvel fandom via MCU and Fraction's run of Hawkeye. What I jokingly called a dirty weekend back in June became a full-fledged relationship. In addition to Hawkeye, I'm also following Young Avengers (which just finished, boo!), Thunderbolts, and really any title that catches my eye based on author and any good hearsay (Immonen's Avengers Annual #1 was the best thing I read all December, and Ellis' Avengers: Endless Wartime made me want more Ellis-written Avengers if only for the banter and cheap shots at Clint Barton's dignity).

Comic books and losing my job are the best things to happen to me these past seven months. (This is pathetic, do not judge me...too harshly).
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I've managed to see more movies this summer than I have over the last two summers, which is nice. I always like to try to see the blockbusters, just so I can give an opinion to customers at my job. Opinions (sometimes) facilitate conversations, which (sometimes) encourages a customer to reserve a title, after they've realized how much they enjoyed the film. IDK - it makes sense when you see it happen a lot.

Anyhow, here's a rundown of what I've seen, plus short opinion:

Iron Man 3 )

Star Trek: Into Darkness )

The Great Gatsby )

Man of Steel )

Monsters University )
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I'm more or less taking a very long break from Doctor Who. Watching it just feels like a chore anymore, and I'm more than kind of miffed about the whole John Hurt thing, as well as increasingly frustrated by Moffat (which, hey, isn't anything new). I haven't seen anything past the mid-season finale, but I have a copy of the second half reserved, which I'll pick up and watch when I'm no longer feeling so raw and torn up about things.

In the meantime, I'm rebounding on Marvel. I shelled out $10 for a month-long subscription to Marvel Unlimited, and within the first day, regretted not getting the yearly subscription, because this is something that I will use regularly. Right now, I'm really in love with both Hawkeyes - especially in the new series. I wound up picking up the My Life as a Weapon trade because I needed to read the rest of it and it wasn't online. Best decision this past week.

My sketchpad is rapidly becoming populated by MCU Avengers sketches, because I found the motivation to finally start drawing a nice chunk of the Avengers in-jokes we have at work.
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I really need to invest in a horde of minions who are willing to take ridiculous glamor shots of me whenever I need them. We could have fun together. Do silly photo shoots.

Hey, Derek, when you gonna drop Magnum on us? )
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I signed up for two stories this year for [ profile] deancasbigbang. The first one Borrowed by [ profile] hollybennett123 has been live since Friday (10/05). You can catch my artwork for it over on livejournal. I may upload here later, but right now with real life and work draining me (and leaving me a husk), I'd rather post a link and return to vegetating in front of my computer screen until I fall into a dreamless sleep, interrupted rudely by my cell's alarm.

(Artwork is SFW, though the fic is NC-17)

cut for minirant on working a lot and loosing sleep and how I stupidly justify this )

My second DCBB will be live November 14th.
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I love the job that I affectionately call Job 1. It's retail, sure, but for the most part, it's really cool. I get to talk to people about movies and shows that I enjoy and recommend, and sometimes (okay, a lot of times) those people end up becoming customers. It genuinely warms the cockles of my heart when customers come up to me and tell me that they watched something I recommended to them and loved it (and - in the case of tv shows - subsequently need more now). Yeah, this isn't where I see myself being in life, but right now, it's a pretty awesome deal.

As with any job involving customers, it has its down sides. Some customers are (gasp) rude; other customers can be a little creepy; and a few can be frustrating without being rude or creepy. This story falls in the latter category.

Warning: Sexist shit I don't even... )
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Title: In Which John was in Middle Earth at the Time
Series: Sherlock
Characters: Sherlock, John
Rating: G
Type: Gen, drabble
Warnings: None
Notes: The title explains it all? Also, I blame the Sherlock Facebook page, which has become a repository for Sherlock memes posted Internet-ages ago on Tumblr. I couldn't help myself.

Mobiles don't function in Middle Earth! )
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Wednesday! I saw Danny Boyle's version of Frankenstein with the original casting (Benedict Cumberbatch as the Creature, Johnny Lee Miller as Victor). [personal profile] everysecondtuesday was awesome enough to accompany me and suffer through this experience, which was broadcast in select theaters over two nights (first night with the original cast, second with the reverse cast). I'm still cobbling together my thoughts in a coherent review; this post is just a couple thoughts that I'm throwing out there for the sake of giving my overall impression.


They need to release this play (BOTH castings!) on DVD, like yesterday. I would watch the fuck out of this and the special features. They did it with David Tennant's performance of Hamlet and the awesome Soviet Russia-inspired version of Macbeth (with Patrick Stewart). Why not Frankenstein? They're sitting on a goldmine!!
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Title: Panem et Circenses
Chapter: Prologue
Fandom: Sherlock, Hunger Games (pre-Trilogy)
Characters: EVERYBODY (in Sherlock)
Warnings: None (this chapter)
Notes: Thanks to hockpock and [personal profile] everysecondtuesday for their invaluable support and readership. This work is unbeta'd, un-Britpick'd, but obsessively revised and researched.

Summary: That crossover where John is a mentor and Sherlock is a consulting Gamemaker.

Chapter Summary: In which it's the first Quarter Quell and John talks everybody into sending him to the Games.

Panem et Circenses: Prologue
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So I've managed to accumulate more Sherlock fic. My bookmark folder overfloweth in abundance.

Mostly slash fic, and a lot of AUs.

Recs under cut )
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I've gone ahead and started writing a massive Sherlock Hunger Games AU, because my life sucks more than usual right now and writing is therapeutic. Also, the idea has eaten my brains. In the middle of the prologue (which I posted in chunks on ye ol' tumblr), I realized that this was serious business and I would most definitely be finishing it - even if it takes me two years and thousands of hours of my life - and my aspirations for this fic are to share it with a wider audience for their enjoyment, so I will most definitely need a beta and a Britpicker - ESPECIALLY the Britpicker. I'm writing the Capitol accent as British, and no matter how much BBC I watch and how many well-crafted Sherlock fic I read (by actual British authors), I'm going to make mistakes - some of which will be very embarrassing.

How does one go about acquiring a beta and/or Britpicker? I'm still a bit new to Sherlock fandom, and as with Supernatural fandom (outside of challenges), I keep to myself mostly, so I don't know too many people. I kinda have this anxiety about participating in communities, mostly because I'm afraid of stepping on people's toes. I'm clueless to how fandom operates outside of my own small corner D: (Seriously, I'm looking at [ profile] sherlockbbc and whimpering because it's so intimidating!)

Or, better yet, can anybody recommend small communities, so I can test the waters of fandom participation?

(Ugh. I'm so pathetic. I need to man-up)
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Title: NA
Series: Supernatural
Character(s): Castiel
Medium: PSCS3 + Pen Tablet o' Win
Warning: None, SFW, large file, slight spoilers for 7x17
Notes: Week old art. Posted first on Tumblr. I got bored, wanted to do some color and shading practice, so I drew Castiel. Like I even need a reason....

Read more... )
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I WAS going to write up a post about my thoughts and feeling on the movie. While I watched the film, completely engrossed in the cinematic interpretation of one of my favorite series from this past year, it became jarringly apparent to myself that I wasn't going to be writing a review of the movie. What distracted me and disturbed me wasn't the sick spectacle of children killing each other in an annual reminder of why a nation remains oppressed, or the garish delight that the Capitol derived from it (the movie treats the former with respect and reality that you can't help but feel for the tributes - even the career ones - and treats the latter as completely detestable, as it should). No, what really rankled me was the reaction of the younger, teenaged audience to the stark violence and death on screen: they were cheering.


There are so many things wrong with this. It makes me want to punch a wall and give up. Actually, I think I have an animated gif that sums up my reaction to the audience perfectly:

Okay, so Quentin Tarantino. Let's talk about him for a moment. Why? Because he did what Hunger Games did and it was beautiful, even though it was lost on a majority of his audience. Inglorious Basterds. Fantastic movie - one of his best. Not a good war film, but if you look it as, "How Quentin Tarantino would have won WWII" then it's fabulous. What makes it more fabulous is how Tarantino takes a moment to equate his audience to the Nazis in the film - no, not the ones that Brad Pitt and Co. are killing, but the other ones, the ones in the movie theater watching and reveling in the senseless violence of the propaganda film. Tarantino knows his audience; he knows that people see his movies for the witty meta and the ramped up violence. In Inglorious Basterds, he combines the two to prop up a mirror so that the audience finds them staring at themselves with more than mild discomfort. It's beautiful.

Hunger Games does very much the same thing. You're either: repelled and saddened by the senseless loss of young life in the brutal jaws of an evil police state; or you're giddy and entertained by the slaughter. The giddy reaction and mindless celebration of the Capitol mirrors our own entertainment at the ultra-violence that our media peddles and that we gobble up because our own tolerance is corroded from exposure. Perfect example: the young audience members cheering with each death. spoilers )

It was really hard to watch the film with the audience cheering at each death of characters they didn't like. It's like that part of the book - the tragedy of each tribute's existence - was completely lost on them. They became like the citizens of the Capitol or Tarantino's audience, reveling in the body count. Hunger Games expects its audience to realize the injustice of the Games and to be mad at each death - even the ones that saved the lives of our protagonists - but this was completely lost on the young audience at the showing I attended.

Maybe it's a sign of my age. Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of an anthill.

That said, I actually enjoyed the movie. While it wasn't a perfect adaptation, I realize that hardly any movie adaptation ever is and inevitably there are things that need to be trimmed out to tailor a movie that interests both fans and newbies. I adored the starkness and the uncomfortably close proximity of the camera, especially in scenes at District 12. The acting was great - though Jennifer Lawrence wouldn't have been a personal first choice for Katniss (the problem is I don't know who I would have cast in her place). Having read the books, I can't really say much about how the plot would have flowed for somebody who hasn't read the first one; everything made sense to me (except for the continuity error where spoilers ). I'm definitely going to see it again with [personal profile] everysecondtuesday, so I'll probably have more to say about it the second time around. As far as first impressions go, it made one on me.
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I've been DEVOURING Sherlock fanfiction for the past month or so, and decided that it's time to share the gems! (Also, my fanfiction bookmark folder is getting pretty long and unmanageable, so having the ones I really like down in one post will help me clean things up a bit)

Most of these are AUs and crossovers (Sherlock fandom does those best), nearly all of them are slash. A few of them might be friendship or unrequited love. A lot of them can be found on other, more awesome rec lists. I just cobbled this together from my fanfic bookmark folder.

Recs under cut )
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Title: A Local Shop for Local People
Series: Sherlock, League of Gentlemen
Character(s): Sherlock, John, Tubbs
Medium: Photoshop CS3 + pen tablet
Warnings: None, SFW
Notes: All my obligations for art work are finished! So I decided to celebrate by drawing the ONE crossover I want to see but haven't found yet: Sherlock & League of Gentlemen. An explanation is needed for this one: League of Gentlemen takes place in this quaint English village called Royston Vasey, which is quirky, bizarre, and full of dark secrets. The Local Shop is located far outside of the town, and is run by married couple/siblings/IDEK Edward and Tubbs. The local shop only serves local people; so help any outsider who comes into the store, ESPECIALLY if they pick up any of "the precious things." (Sherlock and John are fucked)

Our lives may depend on it )
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I discovered The League of Gentlemen the other day, and I may or may not have become a fan. "May or may not" because it makes me D-colon face a lot, but its humor is dark, twisted, and surreal enough that it appeals to me. Also, I can never look at Mark Gatiss the same ever again.

Now, this next question is important - extremely important. It is a matter of life, death, the universe, and everything that ever has been, is, and will be imagined:

Does anybody know of any good Sherlock/League of Gentlemen crossover fic?

I....I need fic of Sherlock and John going to Royston Vasey. It's consuming me from the brain outward.
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Title: Port of Call
Medium: Wallpaper, digital graphics (PSCS3)
Series: Sherlock
Notes: Screencaps taken from, which has an excellent and very thorough collection of Sherlock screencaps. Lyrics are "Port of Call/Cuixmala" by Beirut from their album, The Rip Tide (which comprises the entirety of my personal Sherlock fanmix). Made during a fit of angst and Sherlock withdrawal.

And you - you had hope for me now; I danced all around it somehow )
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Title: Amnesia!Cas
Series: Supernatural
Medium: PSCS3 + pen tablet
Rated: G
Warnings: Spoilers for 7x17, or what we know about it at this time.
Notes: I got lazy and didn't want to shade. Shading would have been overkill anyway. So mostly flat colors with some light shading here and there. IDK about the nose. I'm starting to draw them that way.

Don't look in the mirror/ At the face you don't recognize/ Help me call the doctor/ Put me inside )


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